About MDI

About MDI 


MDI is an industrial distribution company serving a territory as vast as the province of Quebec. MDI was incorporated in 2005 in Montreal by its current president, Mr. Martial Morin. MDI offers a personalized service that minimizes the workload and time invested by its clients when purchasing industrial supplies. Because of its proven performance, continuous improvement, its ability to deliver constant cost savings, and commitment to its customers, MDI clearly stands out from the competition. MDI offers its customers unparalleled service through its experienced staff and leading brand products and equipment. Note that MDI is suitable both for daily orders or special projects.

Over the years, MDI has established great business relationships with suppliers across North America, and now, more recently, with its suppliers in Asia and Europe. Always wanting to be the leader in its field, MDI has recently expanded its activities in Asia, mainly for the import of LED lighting products and hardware products.

Types of Services Offered

  • Distribution of industrial products

  • Inventory management

  • Sourcing

  • Special project consulting

  • Purchasing optimization analysis

  • Sales and Consultation
    Lumco is an authorized distributor of some of the best sanitary products and hygiene equipment available. You can consult our team of experts on the latest trends in the industry, the latest products and the technological advancements equipment-wise.

  • Workshops / Training
    Lumco offers in-store training workshops focusing on innovative cleaning procedures and how to take full advantage of the properties of new products.

  • Repairs
    Lumco offers a complete cleaning and maintenance equipment repair service. Our professional technicians supported by some 60 manufacturers enable us to repair most machines around. Let us take care of all repair and maintenance requirements for all your equipment.


Types of Products Offered

  • Lighting

  • Health Care and hygiene

  • Safety

  • Packaging

  • Tools

  • Lubricants / grease / antifreeze


Industries Served

  • Manufactures

  • Food and Transformation

  • Agriculture

  • Cities and Government Entities

  • Real Estate

  • Aerospace

  • Large Area Retailers

  • Household Cleaning Personnel

  • Building Maintenance

  • Cleaning Companies

  • Concierges

  • Schools

  • Commercial Buildings

  • Supermarkets, Stores and Boutiques

  • Restaurants

  • Healthcare Establishments

  • Daycare Centers

  • Gyms and Sports Centers

  • Repair Services

  • Garages

  • Workshops


Our Mission

Our primary objective is to support the profitability of our customers and to be the industry leader by offering complete and diverse range of innovative high-end products and exceptional service.


Our Vision

MDI aims for the continual development of all its product lines and a sustained growth in its industry. The company's commitment is for:

  • its customers , to ensure a simplified shopping experience , thanks to the quality and reliability of our products, and by providing innovative solutions which meet their specific needs, and a personalized and efficient logistics service;
  • its employees, by providing them with an environment favorable to raise challenges by promoting learning opportunities and encouraging teamwork.


Eco-Friendly Company

MDI and is a local private company that cares about the respect of the environment. Over the years, MDI has evolved, and continues to strive to improve its environmental and social involvement. MDI is currently affiliated with various partners to support various environmental issues, such as:


Product Care                                                                                    

MDI partners with Product Care, a non-profit organization, which makes the recycling of special waste simple for its customers. Product Care sets up collection networks, develops efficient and safe transportation systems, creates industry-leading material processing standards, and promotes different recycling programs while maintaining detailed records for public transparency.



Because of its high volumes of sales of mercury-containing light bulbs and fluorescent lamps, MDI is a member of the Quebec Recycfluo program operated by Product Care. This program allows consumers and businesses to recycle their used mercury-containing light bulbs and fluorescent lamps free of charge. The program is financed by eco fees charged by the members every time an applicable product is sold. These charges are then reported and paid to Product Care. Actually, in 2016, following MDI’s move into a larger facility, MDI has become one of the program's collection site in order to ease the recycling process for its clients and increase the awareness on the importance of recycling.


Programme Efficacite énergétique

Being in the industry of lighting products, MDI is proud to support Hydro-Quebec in a program called Programme de soutien aux projets d’efficacite énergétique. This program consists of offering to clients a return on their investment in project spending, which applies an energy consumption reduction by modifying lighting products within their enterprise. Basically, whenever MDI works on an analysis project for lighting material, a layout plan of lighting intensity, financial aid calculation from utility companies, specifications documents, and detailed pricing and cost savings calculations are supplied to clients. This enables customers to be rewarded for their effort towards contributing to an eco-friendly action.


The MDI Team

A dynamic and attentive team offering the most sought after personalized service! With sales representatives on the road, internal sales representatives, an experienced customer service and an outstanding management team, MDI’s Team wants your success!